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Take a deep breath and exhale, look around you and within you, notice how you are feeling.

Notice your tension, your stiffness, your pain.

Where did that come from and when did it get there?

Sometimes we forget that there is life without pain, we just allow it to settle in.

We are so busy taking care of everyday tasks and everyone else’s needs, we forget to take time for ourselves.

dixie bennett
Dixie Bennett
Masterful Global Healer of Healers & Leaders
The Relief of Pain and Stress

Highly Effective Treatments.

Restore To Balance.

Facilitation of Healing.


Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World
Compiled by Cathy L. Davis

(International Bestseller in Canada, US, Australia, France)

Dixie's chapter is called "The Femanine Pathways to Prosperity"

Women-driven businesses are the way of the future! At least that’s my belief. As a collective, women are hungry for a new way of leading, innovating business, and measuring success. This is a different energy than the women of our ancestors and the timelines of feminism and suffragist movements. We are illuminating the way for more women to have their voices heard and are cultivating cultures of collaboration where the cycles of womanhood are celebrated and supported, making room for both business and family success.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted and Shine!
Compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter

(International Bestseller in Canada, US)

Awarded the 2018 Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick by Spirited Woman!

Dixie's chapter is called "Life Is a Constant Construction Zone"

What I know to be true is that there is much wisdom beyond our knowing that is directing us. I believe that our body is our home. When you realize you are home, you can achieve all you need to survive right there. The shell of a physical home is just walls with a floor and a ceiling; it’s what you create inside of it that is the juicy goodness: the memories. Memories live inside of us, not outside. Here I am being reminded of exactly that once again. Each time I empty out, I expand. I call it a rebirthing process. The old version of me and all that I knew must die so that the new version can upload, expand and thrive. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be in the unknown; the experience is to simply be in it, surrender to it, and acknowledge it.

Here I am.

I am my home.
My home is within me wherever I go, there I am.
I am home.

Breathe that in!

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Live in Gratitude Daily - The Key to Abundance, Joy & Love
Compiled by Denise Joy Thompson

A beautiful 365 days of daily journal space filled with inspiration, stories and prompts to help move your energy into gratitude so that you can attract more abundance, joy and love.

When you move into an energy of gratitude, the power to attract in more of what you desire amplifies. See what can change in a year of self commitment to gratitude.

Enjoy this beautiful journal.

You can find Dixie's entries on January 7 and May 31 in honor of her parents birthday'

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You Are Perfect Whole and Complete Just As You Are
Compiled by Carol Plummer and Susan Driscoll

(Bestseller US)
This book is a mosaic of women authors who speak from the heart and share their perspective or story on an aspect of being Whole, Perfect and Complete. Each will be a tale of success, or a reflection of the journey and wisdom gained. The expectation is the book will inspire others and energetically uplift not only the readers but the authors.

Dixie's chapter is called "In Alignment with Who you Are"

When I first met my most vulnerable self, I didn’t think I liked her. I thought she was weak, sad and alone. I now understand that she is powerful, strong, bold, tenacious, brilliant, beautiful, emotional, wise, compassionate, limitless and expansive. She is only weak when I hide her. She is only sad when I do not allow her to stand. She is only alone when I do not empower her to be alive. I embrace her; she is the most powerful part of me. I am in perfect alignment with each and every experience that I co-create. I choose to live now, loving what is and more of what I love becomes my experience. I no longer need to live in the past. I recognize the past as a catalyst; I have great gratitude for my story. It moved me forward into the full expression of who I am: a healer, body whisperer, teacher, speaker and author, all in service to you.

You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. At every stage in life you are exactly where you need to be. If you weren’t you would be having a different experience and that experience would be perfect. But this experience, in this very moment, is exactly where you need to be and it is perfect for you.

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Heart Dancing Radio

Dixie's Interview on How to Heal Your Body with Kathryn Eriksen

Dixie’s interview with Kathryn Eriksen

In discussion with Kathryn Eriksen, on Heart Dancing Radio,  Dixie explains how your body acts as an energy transference vehicle.  It's almost as if your body is a filing system for everything you experience - emotional, physical, and spiritual.  When strong energy is felt in your body and you hold onto it, you eventually create an "energy cyst." The body can no longer hold onto that energy and it becomes dis-eased.



Womanition Magazine


Womanition Magazine


Womanition Magazine

June 12, 2012

Women Embracing Brilliance