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Inspired Women Gathering Show features Dixie Bennett as your host with women leaders and entrepreneurs around the world from the solopreneur to those building empires where we get real about sharing the experiences that make these women resilient. We dive into all things from living with illness, chronic pain, life obstacles and transitions to relationships, spirituality, business and everything in between. Women are so inspiring living through their stories, walking their talk, finding abundance and soul-filling purpose they can’t wait to share.

These episodes are jam packed with life lessons, teachings, mindset and business tips that inspire you to keep going or to get started! Grab your note book and settle in with your favorite beverage as you soak in these sessions.

Season 1 with 37 Episodes is available now. Stay tuned for Season 2 coming soon.


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Would you like to be a guest on the show?

You are a women who is thriving in her purpose.

You have a powerful story of overcoming that has lead you into the work you share in the world.

You are passionate about creating change in the world.

You have a powerful message you can't wait to share to help inspire others.


There is nothing more gratifying then to see you move through your transformation. Sharing in stories is a powerful gift, we would love for you to share your unique experience; it helps to connect with others who may be having similar experiences. In gratitude.
  • Bowen Therapy (11)
    Open and vulnerable without judgement
    – Wendie Swirski, Reiki Level I
    I am more open and accepting after this class. I loved being able to be open and vulnerable without judgement. Dixie created a safe environment and kept smiling which drew me in closer. I can hardly wait to take Reiki Level 2.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (5)
    I enjoyed the free flow atmosphere of the class
    – Cody Hamilton, Reiki Level II
    I have taken Level I and Level II with Dixie. I enjoyed the free flow atmosphere of the class. Dixie’s energy is very gentle and welcoming. I feel more prepared for the journey that I am on. Namaste.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (9)
    I appreciate the kindness and patience shown
    - Gabriole Wilson, Reiki Master & Teacher
    After taking the Reiki Mastery and Teaching Certification, I recently was a Teacher Assistant for Dixie in Level 1. I appreciate that you are constantly making changes and additions to the course and that you flow with the level of the students. I appreciate the kindness and patience shown to the students. As a TA I found it was a great reminder of information that I have received but had forgotten. I love that you introduce anatomy to your classes to deepen the practice of Reiki and what it can do. I appreciate your help and feedback while doing attunements for students.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (7)
    This class was an excellent
    – Joelle Meulenkamp, Reiki Level I
    I felt this class was an excellent beginner introduction. I became more aware of energy in and around us in everyday life. I love the warm happy energy that is felt in Dixie’s space and from her.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (10)
    I enjoyed learning about the Manifestation Wheel
    – Mandi Rabeau, Reiki Level II
    I have taken Level I & Level II with Dixie. I liked learning and practicing the sacred Reiki symbols as well as discovering practical applications for them. Specifically I enjoyed learning about the Manifestation Wheel and applying the symbols.
  • heart-1213481_640
    This class was exactly what I was looking for
    – Cheryl Sawyer, Reiki Level II Practitioner
    This class was exactly what I was looking for, knowing Dixie is a blessing, she puts great thought and preparation into all the different concepts she is teaching. I now have more confidence in myself and am much more aware of energy and light that is in everyone and everything.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (3)
    I like the free-flow feeling
    – Sarah White, Reiki Level I
    I like the free-flow feeling I automatically felt walking into the room. The material covered and Dixie’s passion about Reiki made this workshop amazing! I love her real life stories, calming positive energy and non-judgmental qualities. This class gave me a chance to get out of my regular routine, meet and talk with people I normally wouldn’t have about things I wouldn’t normally talk about. It has made me more positive and excited about connecting to Reiki and creating bonds with others.
  • Bowen Therapy (19)
    This course got me thinking more about manifestation
    – Patti Kim, Reiki Level II
    This course got me thinking more about manifestation. I liked learning about manifestation and crystals as well as practical skills for Reiki. Dixie shares real experiences, is very encouraging with the students and creates an environment of fun in the class.
  • Products
    Each class was the light in my month
    – Jenn Cotie, Reiki Level II Practitioner
    Dixie brings positivity and encouragement to every class. Each class was the light in my month, by the time the night was over, all was well in my world no matter what had to be dealt with outside. I feel more confident that living in light and love is possible. I enjoyed the hands on practice of the various techniques shared in each session and I am more connected to trusting and listening to my higher-self. I want to keep learning!
  • Bowen Therapy (13)
    I really enjoyed the attunement process!
    – Tonia Sinnathonby, Reiki Level I
    I really enjoyed the attunement process! Dixie created an encouraging and open space. I enjoyed the hands on learning and feel more confident in working with Reiki and more knowledgeable of the Chakras.
  • Bowen Therapy (21)
    I enjoyed the opportunity to practice
    – Jenn Coti, Reiki Level II
    I enjoyed the opportunity to practice on each other in the class as well as learning how to clear negative energy in rooms and crystals. This class has helped to open me up to many opportunities and possibilities. Dixie provided me with reassurance and kindness. I really loved this class.
  • Bowen Therapy (16)
    I really enjoyed the intimate class size
    – Dave Cochran, Reiki Level I
    I really enjoyed the intimate class size. Dixie made me feel very comfortable and east to open up in sharing what I’m experiencing. I confidently experienced and felt the flow of energy all day.
  • Bowen Therapy (18)
    I was pleasantly surprised that there was more content included then advertised
    – Yvonne EL Silver, Reiki Level II
    I was pleasantly surprised that there was more content included then advertised. I enjoyed the sharing circles and hearing everyone’s experiences after the attunement and learning how to do Distance Healing. I discovered a more insightful and gentle way to “BE” in the world.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (6)
    Amazing energy and feel
    – Chantal Thorburn, Reiki Level I
    I enjoyed the amazing energy and feel like I now have all the basic tools to get started.
  • Bowen Therapy (12)
    I feel changed forever!
    – Betty Ann T. Reiki Level II
    I’m always looking to learn more, this was a day that flowed so well. I feel changed forever! I am amazed at the depth of your knowledge and learning journey Dixie. Thank you for sharing and teaching.
  • Bowen Therapy (20)
    Encouraging, passionate and knowledgeable
    – Sonja Konrad, Reiki Level 1
    Dixie is very encouraging, passionate and knowledgeable as a Reiki teacher. I will be able to use Reiki in my life and profession. I have more knowledge about chakras and energy and was introduced to more resources in the community.
  • sunlight-166733_640
    I have learned amazing techniques
    – Lisa Owens, Reiki Level I
    I have learned amazing techniques that will assist me in keeping my chakras balanced and in alignment, as well as provide Reiki healing for my children. Dixie creates a very relaxed, engaging and comfortable environment and has an amazing ability to provide positive reassurance and guidance to students.
  • Bowen Therapy (15)
    I felt totally at ease
    – Deb March, Reiki Level I
    I felt totally at ease throughout the entire day. I now realize there is good energy available to me, If I only ask. Dixie encouraged me to take my time, there is no right or wrong way to move through Reiki and I loved the hands on group healings that we did. It was a beautiful day, thank you!
  • reiki-training-585×390
    Dixie shares her wisdom with an open heart
    – Yvonne EL Silver, Executive Coach, Speaker, Mentorship Chair CEC (ICF), CHRP (HRIA), Reiki Level II Practitioner
    Dixie shares her wisdom with an open heart. I now have a deeper awareness of Reiki uses. I gained more confidence in supplementary healing tools such as working with crystals, chakra sprays, essential oils, auras and so much more. Our field trip to the park was such an amazing experience in realizing the healing energy and spiritual connection of trees and nature. I loved the comradery shared with the other participants.
The Vagus Nerve, AKA the “Caretaker” Nerve

In my last blog, I started looking at how trauma and stress can show up physically in the body and how it relates to our nervous system, specifically our Autonomic Nervous System, or ANS. Our ANS branches into the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and it is the SNS, known as our ‘flight or fight’, […]

Picture for Blog – Trauma Patterns in the Physical Body
Trauma’s Relationship with the Physical Body

I recently took part in a workshop exploring Trauma Informed Yoga and spent a few days learning how to look at trauma from a Yogic perspective to support a person’s experience and healing journey. Learning about how to use the body as a tool, whether through movement or grounding, to assist in helping someone who […]