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“I will keep telling you that you are
...important, deserving, loving, intelligent, worthy, compassionate, beautiful, creative, inspiring, brave, true strong and able... until you finally realize it for yourself.”

abundance mindset

The Abundance Mindset

Abundance is a word I use a lot; both in my personal and professional practice. To me, an Abundance Mindset epitomizes the availability of potential provided to us at every moment. The potential to trust. The potential to love. The potential to find peace. The potential to find success. The potential to heal. Before I […]


Why Do We Retreat?

A few years ago I found my-self at a rather large turning point in my life. I had left my corporate career and jumped into my healing practice full-time, and I was surprised by the roller coaster of emotions that stirred up for me. I had to find my way in a completely new land […]


Looking To Take Care Of You?

A new year is upon us and every January seems to be the time when most people look at their lives and make decisions about the changes they want to see for themselves for the upcoming year. Wellness and making healthy choices are at the top of a lot of lists as we remind ourselves […]


Heal Your Body & Heal Your Life

Heal Your Body & Heal Your Life Despite all the resources available to you online that say they can help you live a happier, healthier life, making change for the better can sometimes feel next to impossible. How many times have you started a new fitness program or diet—or even hired a life coach—only to […]


When Less Is More On Your Healing Journey

Your body was designed to heal itself; it is constantly working in both subtle and obvious ways to keep you feeling healthy, energized and awake. Despite this, your body needs a certain level of energetic flow in order to keep processing information and experiences in a productive way. If this energetic flow isn’t readily available, […]


Feeling the Effects of the Wildfires?

This year has sadly now become the worst season on record for wildfires in British Columbia, size wise. With over 150 fires still burning between B.C. and Alberta, air quality continues to be affected, which is noticeable when our beautiful mountain view or city scape is blanketed with a thick haze and the sun has […]


Estrogen Imbalance in Women’s Health

Hormonal balance is vital and essential to a healthy mind and body. Some fluctuate within a monthly cycle, as well as naturally throughout the different stages of our lives. Our hormones are in constant communication daily. With that, imbalances can easily be disturbed by stress, birth control, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, physical activity or lack of, […]


Sacred Money Archetypes®

Do you feel like one of the main reasons your business isn’t thriving is because your financial situation is holding you back? You’re not alone! Money is a stress and a struggle for so many people. At its core, money is just another form of energy. That being said, if your connection to money is […]

Body Wisdom for Business Growth

Chakra Balancing for Cash Flow

Are you craving a change in your financial situation while, at the same time, feeling so unsure of how to even begin moving toward financial health and abundance? Despite our world’s obsession with money, very few people think of their finances in terms of “health.” We understand how to get healthier when it comes to […]

CranioSacral Therapy (6)

Rebirth and Renewal at Any Age

Are you craving a fresh start; a way to push the reset button in your life so that you can align yourself with what is deeply meaningful to you? In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to feel like you’re always just getting by. This way of being shows up when you’re overworked, overcommitted, and overwhelmed […]


Are You Craving More in Life?

As a motivated and inspired healer or leader, you long to realize your full potential. Whether it’s sharing your healing gifts, or showing others the way to greatness, you have so much to offer the world. You know this to be true on a gut level. Yet, despite your commitment to the work you feel […]

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Do you feel like there’s no hope? That you’ve tried every possible treatment, and there is no cure in your future? Do you spend more time on your couch then you do with family or friends? Do you find yourself saying no to invitations or activities when you wish […]

Whiplash, Inflammation And Chronic Pain Treatment


Car accidents, whether a big accident or a minor fender bender, are not only scary, but they can cause a lot of pain. The force and rapid movement of being thrown around the car can easily cause whiplash. You many not feel the actual pain right away; it takes up-to 4 days for the pain […]

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In the last year the idea that we are spiritual beings and life is spiritual journey is becoming more accepted. As spiritual beings we are whole, perfect and complete...just as we are. A compilation of mosaic stories from 12 individuals including a chapter by Dixie Bennett.