Abundance is a word I use a lot; both in my personal and professional practice. To me, an Abundance Mindset epitomizes the availability of potential provided to us at every moment.

  • The potential to trust.
  • The potential to love.
  • The potential to find peace.
  • The potential to find success.
  • The potential to heal.

Before I awakened to the Abundance Mindset, I was in pain. I had endured three near death experiences before the age of 27 and suffered from chronic back, neck, and body pain. Years were spent looking for answers in the form of medical tests and alternative therapies that didn’t provide relief. I look back now and realize I was searching for so much more than relief- I was also searching for purpose.

During a conversation with a colleague about my health issues, I learned about CranioSacral Therapy and decided to give it a try. It was transformative. After two sessions I could feel my body continue to shift more into alignment, like pieces to a puzzle. The dark sludge of pain that had been my companion started to drained away as I was pulled from the drowning waters of pain and suffering.

The most fascinating effect was not only the alignment of my body, but the alignment of my mental, emotional, and spiritual self as well. As the trauma to my tissue began to heal, so did the trauma to Being. I started to realize, awaken, and explore the trauma that had been keeping me sick and stuck to begin with, and as I freed them and let go of them, I started to discover my life’s purpose as a healer.

If you believe there is an Abundance of whatever you need in the world, then you will create it for yourself.
~ Dixie Bennett

I left my corporate career and began to follow my new path as a healer and entrepreneur. After training, as I began networking with other entrepreneurs, I started to notice how many of them were in pain. Joint pain, stiffness, back pain — mobility was difficult for many of them. Having a close relationship with pain myself, and now being able to relate to them as a business person- I couldn’t ignore the connections I was seeing. My convictions about a gentle, holistic approach to

health and wellness took root as I began to work with others and help them release their trauma with body, mental, and spiritual work.

As my clients progressed with their treatments, their lives began to flourish. They were attracting clients, finding happiness in relationships, improving physically… their lives were thriving! And you know what? Mine was too! It became crystal clear this is what I was meant to do. The mutual success of myself and my clients uncovered what I now call the Abundant Mindset- the genuine trust and knowing that everything each of us need is available to us at all times, we just need to feel it.

One of my favorite programs for activating the Abundance Mindset is Chakra Balancing for Cash Flow. This program is a powerful 90-min session that uncovers the deepest blockages in both the mindset and tissue. We use crystals, oils, energy, and other techniques to reprogram the soul/mind with what should be there instead of the blockage. It is deep work, but fun work.

In doing this work, I’ve uncovered some powerful truths about the gift of the pain. Pain is our greatest teacher- acknowledging and observing it will set you free. This must be done by listening to our bodies from a genuine place harmony, rather than the busy “chatter mind” space we default into. Of course not all pain has an emotional explanation or history, but in my experience it often does. Only by feeling, noticing, and acknowledging the pain, can we can begin to heal.

My number one piece of advice while seeking Abundance is to trust.

When we trust Abundance is there, we can begin to receive it. When we open ourselves up to potential and opportunity, the Abundance is literally there to share itself with us. Trust that you will be lifted and supported. Of course this is not easy work, which is why the healers, coaches, and guides of this world are here to help. We have found our purpose, which is often to help you find yours.

I know the more I step into what I know I am here to do, the more I feel on task, in alignment, and at peace. As the sole owner of my own business, I constantly have the opportunity to embrace the Abundance Mindset by trusting that my business decisions, desires, and goals are already available for me to actualize. When I flourish, my clients flourish, and this feeds into the unlimited supply of Abundance available to us all.

If you aren’t sure how to tap into your Abundant mindset, don’t try to force it. Abundance is trusting and knowing that what you need is already available to you, and giving yourself

permission to take it. Listen and let your heart guide for a while. It’s not about seeking outside of yourself, you have the answers. For some people, this is where the healers, the guides, and the coaches can help. We are all here to be of service, and there’s no harm in asking.

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