When was the last time you carved out space and time for yourself to explore who you are becoming as a woman? When was the last time you felt truly inspired and able to fully share your loving soul with those around you?

However long it’s been, when you check in with yourself in this moment, is your heart feeling full or is it longing to be reinspired once more? Without judgement, can you sit with these feelings and honour that your soul is asking you for something that is deeply important to your health and wellbeing? This is no easy task in today’s world and slowing down to tune in and level up is possible with the right tools and guidance. So if you feel like you’ve swung a little too far away from your soul centre, maybe you need an immersive experience to help you reconnect with what makes your life meaningful.

You’re invited to join me, Dixie Bennett, and Denise Hansard at Red Mountain Resort this October for our upcoming Aligned Soul Women’s Retreat. This rich experience will support you in reconnecting with your soul, your heart and your life practice of self love. It’s one part detox for your mind and body, one part nourishment for your soul and many parts affirmation and inspiration for your higher self. Whatever it is you are seeking you’ll find here and we would love to celebrate you as a part of our caring and connected tribe of women.

Happiness comes first and foremost when we are able to be present to what is unfolding in the present moment. That being said, we all need some time to pause and remind ourselves that we are capable of letting go of our emotional histories; that you are capable of creating a dazzling future for yourself where you attract what you love and live a more purposeful life.

Discover more about the Aligned Soul Women’s Retreat and secure your spot today!

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