Are you stuck in the feedback loop that says you need to choose between financial abundance and conscious leadership?

Are you anxious about covering your expenses while you worry about the repercussions of increasing your rates and reach as healer, coach and/or spiritual leader?

Are you starting to doubt that doing the work that you feel called to do is actually a viable career option?

Know that you’re not alone! As we experience a wonderful shift towards conscious leadership in business, we’re also being asked to unpack some uncomfortable narratives about money. On the one hand, you know on a gut level that you can have such a positive impact on the people you empower through your professional practice. On the other hand, you struggle to take a good, clear look at how your finances are an integral part of you being able to create positive, sustainable change in the world. For many people—women especially—money is tender and sometimes anxiety-filled topic. Unfortunately, this lack of clarity around your finances absolutely affects the bottom line of your business and gets in the way of you owning your true value as a healer, coach and/or spiritual leader.

What if it’s possible to have more honest, spiritual and heartfelt conversations around creating financial abundance as a conscious leader?

What if you don’t have to choose between nourishing your calling and nourishing your bank account?

If this feels like a topic you’d like support around, I hope that you’ll consider participating in my upcoming Rock Your Bottom Line Monday Outdoor Sistermind that starts in June and completes in October. This bi-weekly meeting will give you the space you need to exhale and look at the money stories that are no longer serving you in a non-anxiety-inducing way. You’ll learn how to align—or realign—your business to what deeply matters to you while taking a deep dive into conscious business practices that will help you take your work to the next level.

Sign up now for a discovery call with me now and get excited about the possibilities that exist for you and your business to thrive!

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