As inspiring and life-affirming as being a healer, coach and or spiritual leader is, it can also be really lonely. Which is totally understandable! We’re not meant to create wonderful things in isolation. And yet, it’s so easy to slip into that feedback loop of only your thoughts, ideas and solutions. So it makes sense that you might be craving guidance and support around creating a financially abundant business. As a conscious leader, you know that your businesses success is dependant on connection. Despite this, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that this connection needs to be nurtured between leaders as much as it needs to be nurtured between you and your clients.

Take a moment to imagine what would be possible if you had the support of other women also working to strike a balance between impact and income. Think of how much deeper your work could go, how many more people you could reach and how liberating it will feel to not have financial stress wearing on your nervous system all the time. Not to mention the relieving feeling of being seen and understood by other entrepreneurs who get what you’re trying to do.

Whether you’re dealing with a dip in inspiration, or you’re hungry to learn more about how you can uplevel your conscious business practice, I want to invite you to a Sistermind group designed to fill in any gaps and fill up your heart. In this bi-weekly meeting—called Rock Your Bottom Line Monday Outdoor Sistermind—we’ll be gathering to reconnect to our potential as leaders and the financial abundance that our professional practices allow for. This is about getting realigned and re-energized as we take a deep dive into conscious business practices, self-care and how community is integral to your success as an individual.

Sign up now for a discovery call with me now and get excited about the possibilities that exist for you and your business to thrive!

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