The Evolution of You

Each and every one of you has a story that started the day you were born. Each experience of love, hurt, bullying, success, failure, loss, joy, frustration is all unique to you. However, through all these experiences sometimes deep wounds have occurred, emotional wounds to the soul. Many of you have not been taught how to fully embrace and express emotion. Overtime when these issues have not been dealt with they can cause issues in your tissues, which can lead to dis-ease or critical illness. For each of you there are unseen threads (your experience) woven together that create the physical experience of your life.

My gift is that I can see those patterns and can facilitate the release to help you create a more balanced, pain free and positive life. Many of you are walking around in your head, very unaware or unattached to your bodies because it may be perceived as too painful. When you are ready to be in full alignment with your body, heart, mind and soul, it is really powerful and life changing.

Many of my clients who seek me out are ready for transformation. They have tried other services and found very short-term relief of their pain. Each and every session with my client is unique and the possibilities are limitless. Sometimes it only takes a few sessions, while for others it may take some time.
Powerful areas that can be focused on:

  • Release long-held anger, resentment, sadness or grief.project-img-5
  • Understand the positive power of your vulnerable self, learn techniques on forgiveness and reconcile with deceased or absent loved ones.
  • Are you giving everything away and feeling used and empty or taken advantage of? Learn how to reclaim your personal power from situations and relationships.
  • Do you ever feel like you are not heard? Learn how to ask for what you really want, find your powerful voice and be heard. Understand how to really speak your truth from a place of love. Be prepared because you will get what you ask for!
  • Learn how to connect to more gratitude, create more abundance and prosperity in your life.
  • Looking for love and relationship? Understand the value of love and how to open your heart.

For those of you who are interested in going beyond standard bodywork into transformational and lasting healing, I am here to guide you and show you the way. Nobody should be left in the dark. Are you ready to take the leap…come on let’s do it together!

Dixie Bennett
Evolutionary Bodywhisperer
Certified Bowen Practitioner,
CranioSacral & Somato Emotional Release Practitioner,
Reiki Master & Teacher, Evolutionary Life Strategist, Speaker

Stillpoint Bodyworks
One Executive Place
Suite 700, 1816 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary

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