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gallery-img-1Sometimes when pain takes over it’s because we’ve ignored ourselves so completely that illness becomes our wake-up call, yelling that something is wrong with
our bodies. At one time in my life, I was that client. CranioSacral and Bowen Therapy helped me become reacquainted with my physical body and to clear many
emotional blocks along the way. Experiencing the healing process with these therapies has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of these noninvasive treatments.

During my healing journey, I discovered three main things that changed my life.

Mind Body Connection

We must interrupt the pain cycle and create a new, healthier way of being. CranioSacral and Bowen Therapy gently address the whole body by restoring balance and harmony at the physical, emotional and mental levels. Once balance is restored and the pain cycle is broken, both pain and muscle spasms begin to subside. Clients experience substantial relief from many of their symptoms including improved posture, range of motion, muscle flexibility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, digestion, sleep and energy levels. Bonus results include decreased stress and anxiety levels.

The Compounding Effect

Layers of emotional and physical pain accumulate, or compound. Compounding money is a great thing, but the interest of compounded injuries – not so much. Every injury that the body experiences creates a layer. Over time, those layers are buried and your body shuts down and emotional numbness settles in. You live in a constant state of fight or flight: your sympathetic nervous system is constantly on and you are in survival mode. I gently remove the impacts layer by layer, like peeling an onion.

Physical vs. Emotional Pain

Imagine a cheetah chasing a zebra. The zebra is creating a stress response as it runs for its life. Once the zebra sees that it’s out of danger, the stress response shuts off and he goes to the watering hole to enjoy some well-deserved hydration. As humans, we aren’t as lucky. We carry our stress memories in the body as emotional pain. The result is compromised immune systems that create adrenal fatigue, along with digestion disorders and a compromised ability to cope with everyday life.

Old memories of events will come flooding back once we begin treatment. Sadness, fear and anger can all be released. Sometimes before the physical pain can be
addressed, you need to do some house cleaning on the emotional body and examine events during the time of various physical incidents.

Are you ready to take ownership of your life and have a higher sense of wellbeing and energy?

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