The Power of Pause

Do you ever feel like you are running on the wheel of life and can’t find the off button? Are you feeling hopeless, stressed out and struggling with chronic pain? Have you tried everything but found nothing to solve your pain? Are you running on empty because you are giving so much of yourself to everyone around you? Has your pain become your identity? Many women are excellent givers in their career, at home and in all avenues of their life and yet the pain creeps in. When we have ignored ourselves to the point where overwhelming pain takes over, our body is trying to gain our attention that something is wrong and we must listen. Our body has a blueprint of perfect health, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder.

Let me introduce you to the secret “Off” button of Bowen Therapy. The essence of the Bowen Technique is Slack, Sink, Challenge, Roll and Pause. Using the right amount of pressure, sequential moves over precise locations, and proper speed, and this seemingly simple technique on the body can evoke very profound healing results. The pause is recognized to take the body out of the autopilot of fight, flight or freeze, and into a deep level of rest. This rest allows the body to reboot, recharge and reconnect allowing you to feel re-energized, and ready to take on the next challenge.

I take my clients through a process called Mind Body Bowen, where we get you out of your head and connected to your body. We move through this process together so that I can monitor the responses your body is receiving from Bowen Therapy and gain perspective from your feedback. By the end of this session, I have a greater understanding of what is going on in the deeper levels of your body and where some of the blockages are. With this information I have a clearer picture and can propose a treatment plan that is designed specifically for you — allowing us to get to the root cause and resolve your pain. Often our pain comes from areas
other than the location we thought. Most of my clients have improved sleeping patterns, are able to stop taking pain medications, improved flexibility, experience decreased levels of frustration and stress. These changes help them to gain clarity and participate in a healthier way with their relationships, family, work life and play time.

If you are experiencing pain and looking to stop the cycle, know that there is HOPE. Give Bowen Therapy a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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