A few years ago I found my-self at a rather large turning point in my life. I had left my corporate career and jumped into my healing practice full-time, and I was surprised by the roller coaster of emotions that stirred up for me. I had to find my way in a completely new land I wasn’t yet familiar with – the world of entrepreneurship.  After a couple years of building my business, I realized I hadn’t really taken much time off to rejuvenate myself. I found myself yearning for something more than a typical vacation away.  My soul was craving for a deeper spiritual experience and I knew that a typical vacation just wouldn’t satisfy this intense desire to nourish my soul.  I usually came back from vacation more tired than when I left and found myself needing a vacation from my vacation and it was time for something different.

My first retreat away was in Maui, Hawaii.  It was my first time away on my own, connecting with complete strangers.  What I found was deep self-healing, personal discovery, and life-long soul friends. The other surprise I had was the impact it had on my life and business.  I came back refreshed, filled with ideas and inspiration and my business continued to expand and flourish in unexpected and powerful ways.

Going on a retreat is a powerful way to process what is happening in your life. Do you feel like you are at a turning point and not sure what is next, or find yourself stuck and sinking in quicksand or find yourself craving for more? When you make the decision to retreat, you give yourself the time to reflect and heal without the constraints of your ‘to-do’ list and the demands of everyone around you. You give yourself the gift of self-love by caring for yourself first.

Going on a retreat may sound like a vacation, but most retreat experiences ask you to look deep inside of yourself. This was what my first retreat did for me … made me extremely uncomfortable so that I could heal the pain of my past stories, learn to love myself fully, and claim my inner voice of intuition.  Each time I retreat, I come out more powerfully me in all ways that compliment my life and business.
Is it time for you to retreat?
Do you feel your soul craving for more? I invite you to go on retreat with me and Denise Hansard, a fellow retreat lover and coach … join us.

The Aligned Soul Women’s Retreat
October 11-14, 2018
Red Mountain Resort
Ivins, Utah

Awaken. Accept. Activate Your Abundant Life that is waiting for you! 

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