Chakra Balancing for Cash Flow

Are you craving a change in your financial situation while, at the same time, feeling so unsure of how to even begin moving toward financial health and abundance?

Despite our world’s obsession with money, very few people think of their finances in terms of “health.” We understand how to get healthier when it comes to our bodies, our relationships, even our spirituality. Yet there are so few resources available on how to address money as an integral part of our wellbeing. Money is treated as something separate, unemotional, and sterile within our lives. So it’s no wonder that so many people struggle and get overwhelmed as they try to eliminate financial stress and create financial abundance.

Money Is Just Another Form of Energetic Currency

Regardless of all the negative connotations that money can have, at its core, money is simply a form of energetic currency. The energy you put into your job allows you to make money. When you use that cash to purchase something that someone else has put effort into creating, you’re allowing the flow of energy to be transferred. It really is that simple. Things get complicated, however, when our emotions start to play into our financial perceptions. Instead of using money as the powerful tool that it can be to help us live more fulfilled and joyful lives, our finances start to become detrimental to our quality of life and health. It creates stress and anxiety and overwhelm where it should be creating feelings of spaciousness, possibility and freedom.

The Connection Between Your Chakras & Your Financial Health

If you’re feeling blocked when it comes to tapping into financial health and abundance, chances are that the blockage that’s holding you back is located within you. After all, money is simply a tool and you’re the one who decides where, when and how you use that tool. If your inner energies are out of alignment, it make sense that your finances may also be out of alignment. This explains why you can make a lot of external changes to how you make and manage your money and still find yourself struggling financially. By balancing out your chakras, you’ll discover that financial flow comes quickly and easily when there is a greater amount of inner energetic flow.

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