Experience Pain Relief After Just One Reiki Treatment

The more we learn about the human body, the more we come to understand that we are so much more than just flesh and bones. We are also energetic beings. Which is the reason that, despite the progress our world has made in science and medicine, more and more people are seeking out alternative options to address their pain. Energy healing has become more commonplace and there are many people living pain-free thanks to the various treatments now available. At our Stillpoint Bodyworks location in Calgary, we offer Reiki as a holistic and effective way to eliminate pain.

Can Reiki Relieve Your Pain?

Of course, one of your first questions about Reiki is going to be, “Will it work for me?” Energy healing can sometimes be shrouded in mystery which may make you doubt its effectiveness. So it’s completely understandable that you want to know if Reiki can relieve the pain you’ve been feeling. It can, and this is possible because, despite being an “alternative” healing therapy, there is logic to why Reiki works.

The Logic of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that relieves stress and tension in the body. Like many Eastern wellness modalities, Reiki is founded on the reality that your body is capable of healing itself. However, when your life energy is low and/or out of balance your self-healing mechanisms don’t have the support they need to keep you healthy and vibrant. After just one Reiki treatment, you will notice an increase in your energy levels, mental clarity and calm. With regular treatments your body will move back into energetic alignment. As a result, you’ll experience relief from your pain and other ailments.

Get Your Complimentary 15 Minute Health Consultation at Our Calgary Location

At Stillpoint Bodyworks, we are able to quickly—and thoroughly—assess if you too can access the pain relief that so many of our Calgary patients already know is possible. One of our trained therapists will listen to you to understand your needs and then recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Take advantage of our Complimentary 15 Minute Health Consultation and discover how you can be prain free sooner than you ever imagined possible!

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