Feeling the Effects of the Wildfires?

This year has sadly now become the worst season on record for wildfires in British Columbia, size wise. With over 150 fires still burning between B.C. and Alberta, air quality continues to be affected, which is noticeable when our beautiful mountain view or city scape is blanketed with a thick haze and the sun has a reddish hue. Contained in this haze are gases and fine particles that can be quite irritating to our eyes, sinuses, throats, and lungs. Symptoms may include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, headaches, allergies, as well as triggering pre-existing symptoms. Those more susceptible to being triggered may be dealing with heart and lung conditions such as COPD or asthma, young children and seniors. These symptoms are important as they affect our respiratory system.

Environmental pollutants such as smoke from the wildfires, as well as cold, dry air, or allergens are some of the triggers that can affect breathing when someone is suffering from a respiratory condition. Inflammation and sensitivities within the airways of the lungs can cause flare ups, along with tension in the diaphragm, which is also important in the function of respiration. This muscle contracts and relaxes normally during inhalation and exhalation. When in spasm, this can make things worse for those under a respiratory attack. This muscle, as well as the muscle around the airways, may sometimes be in slight spasm and when a triggered, the spasm increases, which may keep the diaphragm contracted, not allowing a person to breath out properly.

How Bowen Therapy Can Help

Bowen therapy can help by calming the nervous system and releasing tension in the soft tissues that support the respiratory system. Bowen ‘moves’ address the upper back, as well as along the diaphragm, upper abdominal muscles, and if needed, around the sternum. These moves help relax the diaphragm and allow a release of tension that can help with breathing.

Book a 15-minute Discovery Call if you have any questions or make an appointment to try Bowen for yourself. With all of the smoke, gases and particles in the air, it’s a good reminder to be aware and pay attention to how you are feeling. Notice symptoms and honour being diligent about self care as well as seeking medical attention when needed.

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