Estrogen Imbalance in Women’s Health

Hormonal balance is vital and essential to a healthy mind and body. Some fluctuate within a monthly cycle, as well as naturally throughout the different stages of our lives. Our hormones are in constant communication daily. With that, imbalances can easily be disturbed by stress, birth control, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, physical activity or lack of, etc. which may then also lead to illness and inflammation in the body.

Over the last year, it’s been intriguing to learn more about women’s health and the hormonal balances/imbalances that are unique to our monthly cycle. After going off synthetic birth control, I noticed signs and symptoms in my own body that were needing healing due to these imbalances. It’s become clearer that what our body presents us during our 28-day cycles aren’t meant so we hate our bodies and live uncomfortably, but are cues and calls for help for our own overall well-being. Clients also have been coming in with their own stories related to hormonal imbalances from PMS discomfort, to infertility. Estrogen dominance for example, is just one of the ways our hormones may be out of sync. This can lead to symptoms such as PMS, acne, weight gain, cysts, painful menses, etc. This can occur when our body is in Estrogen overload and struggles to eliminate the excess efficiently. Some women may be lower in their Estrogen levels which also can lead to symptoms presented by the body.

Finding ways to reduce and manage stress levels, as well as supporting the body with proper nutrients and exercise during the different cycle phases, can help support certain imbalances. Bodywork is another great way to help the healing journey because treatments such as Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy help to bring the nervous system out of Fight or Flight and into a relaxed state. These treatments can address the organs that support these hormonal sites, such as the kidneys, where the adrenal glands are located. This can help with the exhaustion and stress. A Bowen Therapy treatment plan addressing the tail bone and the supporting muscles and ligaments can support hormonal function and symptoms associated with the reproductive system for women, and men as well. When the tailbone is out of alignment and/or injured, treating the surrounding soft tissue can help the pelvic floor, which is important as it makes up a significant piece of the body’s core, the foundation for balance, stability and movement.

As hormones fluctuate, imbalances are sure to surface, so self-care is important as well as finding what works for your own unique mind, body, spirit well-being.

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