What is Bowen Therapy?

The Bowen technique is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork that balances the autonomic nervous system, releases muscle tension, and improves structural and physiological function. Purposeful and gentle movements stimulate the nervous system and put the body into a systemic response so powerful that a few minutes pause is observed to allow the body to engage in its own self-balancing mechanisms. The body then releases tension, toxins and old patterning as it progresses through its healing cycle.

This bodywork is very gentle and addresses the whole body by restoring balance and harmony at a physical, emotional and mental level. It’s very safe and effective therapy for everyone at any stage in life, from the newborn to the elderly or chronically ill.

Once balance is restored to the body and the pain cycle is broken, both pain and muscle spasms begin to subside. Clients experience substantial relief from many of their symptoms including improved posture, range of motion, muscle bowen-therapy-5flexibility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, digestion, sleep and energy levels. Bonus results include decreased stress and anxiety levels.


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