Hitting the Pavement this Spring? How Bowen Therapy Can Help Runners

Bowen Therapy Can Improve Your RunWith the snow trying to make up its mind if it’s coming or going, running season is in the air as runners of all kinds are getting out and enjoying the beginning of spring. Whether you’re training for a marathon or running for fun, like any sport, running can take a toll on the body. Recovery and taking care of your body post-run are often overlooked.

I always admired those who could run marathons and how much dedication they had for their training, rain or shine.  Since I began running years ago, I always seemed to end up with sore hips, knees, or calves, and most recently inflammation along the outside of my shins. I did my best to stretch and read articles about how to run properly, making sure to stretch afterwards, but running became hard on my body and joints and I slowly had to stop.

Bowen Therapy Can Improve Your RunHelp With Aches And Discomfort

Since becoming a Bowen Therapist I’ve experienced how this wonderful and gentle modality can help with aches and discomfort caused from the stresses that running can have on the body. I am frequently asked “what is Bowen Therapy”? Bowen Therapy helps to reset the body, facilitating balance and symmetry. This is done through gentle moves, with a focus on specific muscle areas, helping to bring the body back to the state it should be. If the body has symmetry, then all muscles can work smoothly and evenly. As a runner, Bowen can help with improved flexibility and recovery from an injury or repetitive strain as well as preventative maintenance. Treatments are gentle and subtle, helping the body to heal more quickly and reducing inflammation to speed up the healing process, supporting such complaints as pelvic and hip pain, hamstrings, knee/calf/ankle, and low back pain to name a few.

Now I find myself using procedures to help relax and balance my body after exercise if needed, even sometimes in the middle of a run. Looking for some relief, make an appointment to experience Bowen Therapy for yourself!

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