Chronic Pain

Are you suffering with chronic pain?
Do you feel like there’s no hope?
That you’ve tried every possible treatment, and there is no cure in your future?
Do you spend more time on your couch then you do with family or friends?
Do you find yourself saying no to invitations or activities when you wish you could say yes?

Are you so fatigued and tired at the end of the day and feel overwhelmed with chronic pain that’s making you feel miserable and resentful?  If you are struggling and feeling like you are out of options, we understand, and we can help. We have worked with many clients that were in the exact position you are now. Constantly in pain and feeling low, stressed, and hopeless.

You don’t have to live with chronic pain.

With Bowen Therapy, our skilled practitioners can help you break the cycle of pain to achieve balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. Bowen Therapy is a holistic way of treating pain.  Tapping into the body’s natural healing abilities through gentle movements.  These movements deliver signals to the nervous system to activate the healing process. Bowen Movements applied to specific muscles, nerves, ligaments, or tendons address your chronic pain. While Bowen Therapy will treat the current, constant pain that you are coping with, the treatments help to heal your entire body by bringing balance to your autonomic nervous system. Sometimes the pain you feel is not in the area you think it is.

By treating your entire self and allowing your body to relax and release tension and toxins, Bowen Therapy allows you to heal on a complete level. After the first session, you can expect to feel improvements such as:

  • Relief from Muscle Spasms
  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Circulation
  • Range of Motion
  • Flexibility
  • Posture

If you are tired of suffering through each day of coping and struggling with chronic pain?  Contact Stillpoint Bodyworks for a free 15-minute consultation. We assess you through our Mind Body Bowen process allowing us to understand what is happening in your body by monitoring its response.  We create treatment plans that address your unique pain.

Bowen Therapy is gentle enough to be utilized on people of all ages and all levels of health, so if you are in pain, stop suffering and call Stillpoint Bodyworks today. Take the first step towards living a happy, pain-free life.

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