Is Your Body Optimized for Healing Itself?

One of the most amazing things about your body is that it’s designed to heal itself. It does this in both little and big ways, often without you even being aware of it. That being said, the world you live in is systematically set up to interfere with your body’s natural healing abilities. From poor sleep to pollutants to over-processed foods, your body needs to work that much harder to keep itself vibrant. If, on top of these stressors, your body is out of alignment physically and energetically, your body could be headed towards what wellness practitioner Dixie Bennett calls “issues with your tissues”—disease, chronic pain and other numerous health conditions.  


Dixie found alternative therapy after years of living with chronic pain. When the western medical treatments she was doing didn’t seem to be working, Dixie started to explore her other options. It’s then that Dixie learned that her body needed deeper forms of support in order for it to heal itself. So, she gradually started to make small changes in her life that eventually led to her living pain-free. Now, Dixie has made it her life’s work to help you do the same through a combination of Somato Emotional Release, Bowen Therapy and Reiki.


Each of these therapies is unique and takes into account that you’re a whole human with a rich personal history. In order for your body to be optimized to heal itself, you need to work with someone who is able to address the many facets for your health. This includes physical health, emotional health and energetic health. When this happens, you will be amazed at how quickly things can shift for you. Just like Dixie, you can experience deep healing so you can finally live the full, abundant and joyful life that you are longing for.

To learn more about Dixie Bennett and what she does to help people just like you find relief from chronic and emotional pain so they can get back to living full, joyful and pain-free lives, listen to this interview that Dixie did with host Carrie-Ann Baron of the Tenacious Living Network.

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