When Less Is More On Your Healing Journey

Your body was designed to heal itself; it is constantly working in both subtle and obvious ways to keep you feeling healthy, energized and awake. Despite this, your body needs a certain level of energetic flow in order to keep processing information and experiences in a productive way. If this energetic flow isn’t readily available, your body’s energy can become trapped or stagnant. This can lead to disease and numerous health issues and setbacks, including chronic pain.

This is why it’s essential that you seek out care that is holistic and looks at your rich personal history, both physical as well as emotional. For some people, physical symptoms are actually a manifestation of much deeper emotional trauma or pain. So in order to get to the root of the issue, you need to take your whole self into account. The good news is, healing begins as soon as you’re able to acknowledge the source of your pain. Furthermore, once you start down the path to emotional release and healing, change can take place quickly.

Before Dixie Bennett became a Bowen practitioner, Somato Emotional Release therapist and Reiki master, she had been living with chronic pain for years. When she had exhausted all of her other treatment options, she turned to alternative therapy as a last resort. Through these powerful practices, Dixie discovered that living pain-free was an option in addition to learning the transformative power of doing more with less and letting the body do what it does best: heal itself! Now, Dixie has made it her life’s work to help other people experience the physical and emotional wholeness and peace that she found on her own healing journey.

To learn more about Dixie Bennett and what she does to help people just like you find relief from chronic and emotional pain so they can get back to living full, joyful and pain-free lives, listen to this interview that Dixie did with host Kathryn Eriksen on Heart Dancing Radio.


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