Reiki Level 1 Training

  • Start: November 20, 2016 8:00 am, 1 More
  • End: November 20, 2016 5:00 pm

Course Fee: $175

Reiki Level 1 is a one day workshop, you will learn about the history of Reiki, how and when to use it, hand placements for self-treatment and for working on others, an introduction to the Chakras and what they mean, how to use Reiki in your everyday life, for your food, plants, gardening and animals, as well as daily activities. You will receive your first attunement, manual and give and receive a full one hour session.

As part of your Level 1 training it is required that you complete 3 documented sessions to demonstrate your learning.

Class size is limited to 6 students. To register please RSVP to

Praise from Students:

I am more open and accepting after this class.  I loved being able to be open and vulnerable without judgement.  Dixie created a safe environment and kept smiling which drew me in closer.  I can hardly wait to take Reiki Level 2. – Wendie Swirski, Reiki Level I

I felt this class was an excellent beginner introduction.  I became more aware of energy in and around us in everyday life.  I love the warm happy energy that is felt in Dixie’s space and from her. – Joelle  Meulenkamp, Reiki Level I

I like the free-flow feeling I automatically felt walking into the room.  The material covered and Dixie’s passion about Reiki made this workshop amazing!  I love her real life stories, calming positive energy and non-judgmental qualities.  This class gave me a chance to get out of my regular routine, meet and talk with people I normally wouldn’t have about things I wouldn’t normally talk about.  It has made me more positive and excited about connecting to Reiki and creating bonds with others. – Sarah White, Reiki Level I

I really enjoyed the attunement process!  Dixie created an encouraging and open space.  I enjoyed the hands on learning and feel more confident in working with Reiki and more knowledgeable of the Chakras. – Tonia Sinnathonby, Reiki Level I

I really enjoyed the intimate class size.  Dixie made me feel very comfortable and east to open up in sharing what I’m experiencing.  I confidently experienced and felt the flow of energy all day. – Dave Cochran, Reiki Level I

I enjoyed the amazing energy and feel like I now have all the basic tools to get started. – Chantal Thorburn, Reiki Level I

Dixie is very encouraging, passionate and knowledgeable as a Reiki teacher.  I will be able to use Reiki in my life and profession. I have more knowledge about chakras and energy and was introduced to more resources in the community. – Sonja Konrad, Reiki Level 1

I have learned amazing techniques that will assist me in keeping my chakras balanced and in alignment, as well as provide Reiki healing for my children.  Dixie creates a very relaxed, engaging and comfortable environment and has an amazing ability to provide positive reassurance and guidance to students. – Lisa Owens, Reiki Level I

I felt totally at ease throughout the entire day.  I now realize there is good energy available to me, If I only ask.  Dixie encouraged me to take my time, there is no right or wrong way to move through Reiki and I loved the hands on group healings that we did.  It was a beautiful day, thank you! – Deb March, Reiki Level I