Virtual Healing Circle – Shifting Your Worthiness Set Point


  • Start: February 27, 2019 5:00 pm
  • End: February 27, 2019 8:00 pm

Tickets Available: Price: $26

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Have you noticed different areas of your life that keep repeating patterns over and over, like somehow the auto play button was pushed and your not sure how to turn it off and you are tired of that old track?

Maybe you continue to attract the same type of person that follows with the same story of drama and chaos?

Do you feel like you hit a ceiling that you can’t quite get through with your income, business or career, possible opportunities you encounter or even in relationships?

A lot of these areas that feel stuck, on hold or autoplay have to do with unconscious patterning that can show up in the body and energy. No matter what you do you find yourself seeking by paying for the next course, reading that next book, listening to the next podcast or video – it’s not about filling your mind. It’s quite the opposite………you already KNOW enough. It’s actually in your Worthiness Set Point that resides in your energetic body…………..

How would your world be impacted with an embodied shift in your worthiness?

Please join me for our next gathering on Wednesday, February 27, 2019
6:00PM pst | 7:00PM mst | 8:00PM cst| 9:00PM est

In order to move forward more powerfully, it’s important to do our inner cleaning, clearing, letting go and releasing the sticky and stagnant energy. When we create the space powerful opportunities and findings come to surface that we couldn’t see before.

Our Wealth is tied directly to our Health – and taking time to tap into our bodies wisdom is one of the most important keys. I believe our body has powerful information that when we can heal it shifts our receiving channels around wealth and prosperity that will show up in the outside world from wealth, relationships, direction, careers and business.

We all need access to healing and this is my gift to you. If you have heard about me and haven’t had a chance to connect in, this is a great way to start or for my existing clients, this is a great way to keep the momentum going.

The great thing about being virtual is that you can be anywhere! So I hope you will join me on this amazing and journey.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

To your brilliance!


During our sacred time together we will:

  • Explore the unconscious blocks that are limiting your ceiling of worthiness and receivership

  • Repattern the beliefs that are hidden and heal the blocks that show up for you through

  • Feel more empowered to make real change in your life from the inside out

  • Activate your powerful energy so that you feel more aligned, connected and ready to Soar

When you come to the circle, I invite you to create a sacred space for yourself. You may like to light a candle, have water on hand, a journal. Get comfy, lay down, sit in meditation, lay on a yoga mat whatever feels good for you. Some people fall asleep and if that happens don’t worry – trust you will get exactly what you need and you will also receive the replay so that you can listen in over and over again.

*If you can’t make the live call, that is OKAY, by purchasing a ticket to the event you will automatically receive an email after the live event with the replay. The replay will be light activated so that you will receive the energetic connection, know that energy knows no bounds and moves through all time and space.

Note: This is not religious at all. This is about embracing your divine energy and connection to yourself. When we can connect inwardly, we can hear the whispers and gentle nudges our bodies and intuition is trying to share. This is meant for entertainment purposes only and by signing up through this website you release Dixie Bennett from any emotional or physical occurrences connected to this virtual healing circle.

There are no refunds and all sales are final.

What others are saying about Dixie:

“Dixie is a master healer. Not only is she well versed in so many healing modalities, but she also has a huge heart and a true passion for helping. And her intuition and insight are the most amazing I’ve experienced. She healed things in me I’ve been working on for years with countless others. I highly recommend Dixie whether what you are dealing with is physical, emotional, or energetic.”– Moneeka

“In working with Dixie my business grew by leaps and bounds, my personal life shifted along with my healing. Dixie is an amazing presence in action!” – Cynthia

“Dixie is a knowledgeable and intuitive leader. She is gently honest and deeply caring when it came to pointing out a challenge we were facing in the moment, but she brilliantly and beautifully navigated us through it until we emotionally transitioned. She then acknowledged and celebrated this awakening with us. Our time was packed full of delightful twists, turns and surprises, as we explored one layer of knowing after another. It was indeed Magickal! Thank you Dixie, for an ever-deepening, heartfelt and profound journey! It was life changing for me!”– Rev. Sheryl

“My energy is buoyant and my business is flourishing. I credit the combination of emotional, spiritual and physical work Dixie is gifted at marrying so magically. The last bit Dixie also helped me with was to find a balance between my business and family’s demands on my time. I can see a true integration emerging after a life-long push-pull. I am eternally grateful for having worked with Dixie!” – Tammy

“Dixie Bennett is a consummate practitioner and coach. From her huge basket of tools and skills, she can help you with healing body, mind, emotions and soul. With her knowledge and intuitive gifts, she offers energetic alignments with soul purpose at a depth that is rare. I highly recommend Dixie if you are looking to move forward in all areas of your life in a powerful way.” – Sharon