Reiki Training

Reiki Level 1 Training Course Fee: $175

Level 1 Reiki Training is a one day workshop. You will learn about the history of Reiki, how and when to use it, hand placements for self-treatment and for working on others. An introduction to the Chakras and what they mean is included. You will learn how to use Reiki in your everyday life for your food, plants, gardening and animals, as well as daily activities. You will receive your first attunement, manual and give and receive a full one hour session.

As part of your Level 1 training it is required that you complete 3 documented sessions to demonstrate your learning.

Class size is limited to 6 students. To register please RSVP to

I'm more open and accepting after this class.  I loved being able to be open and vulnerable without judgement.  Dixie created a safe environment and kept smiling which drew me in closer.  I can hardly wait to take Reiki Level 2.

– Wendie Swirski, Reiki Level I

I felt this class was an excellent beginner introduction and became more aware of energy in and around us in everyday life.  I love the warm happy energy that is felt in Dixie’s space and from her.

– Joelle  Meulenkamp, Reiki Level I

Reiki Level 2 Training Course Fee: $200

Level 2 Reiki Training is a one day workshop; we will review Level I and cover any questions you might have. You will be introduced to 3 of the Reiki Symbols, including how to use them in treatments, how to do a distance healing, and various different methods of use. This class will take you to a new level of discovery and awareness.

When you start to incorporate the symbols, it amplifies the energy and specifically addresses emotional, physical, karmic and past life, your past, present and future. You will learn how to increase and decrease the energy – and why and when to do this.

I will also show you how to use Reiki to clear items and rooms of negative energy, including how to set up your sacred healing spaces for prosperity, abundance, and keeping the room at a high vibration.

You will also receive second attunement, manual and give and receive a full one hour session. We will also cover how to set up your practice as a Reiki practitioner. Some decide to continue onto the Mastery, however, some decide that Level II is more than enough. This decision to continue onto the Mastery is completely up to you.

As part of your Level 2 training it is required that you complete 3 documented sessions to demonstrate your learning.

Class size is limited to 6 students. To register please RSVP to

I have taken Level I and Level II with Dixie.  I enjoyed the free flow atmosphere of the class.  Dixie’s energy is very gentle and welcoming.  I feel more prepared for the journey that I am on. Namaste.

– Cody Hamilton, Reiki Level II

This course got me thinking more about manifestation.  I liked learning about manifestation and crystals as well as practical skills for Reiki. Dixie shares real experiences, is very encouraging with the students and creates an environment of fun in the class.

– Patti K., Reiki Level II

Reiki Mastery & Teacher Training Course Fee: $650

The Advanced & Mastery training is a 2 day course about going deeper into the practice of Reiki.

You will receive another attunement and the last two symbols. One symbol resonates with the soul aspect and the other is used mostly in the attunement process. You will also learn about attunements, how to attune others, how to teach a class and how to host your own Reiki Shares. After your attunement, you will have an opportunity to give and receive a one hour session. As part of your Mastery training you are expected to attend at least one class held by Dixie as her teaching assistant. Attend as many as you would like to prepare yourself for teaching on your own. As an option to you when you are ready to teach your own class, Dixie is available to observe and be your teacher assistant within the Calgary area. There is no extra fee for this service.

This course is available individually or as a smaller intimate group.

To register please RSVP to

After taking the Reiki Mastery and Teaching Certification, I recently was a Teacher Assistant for Dixie in Level 1.  I appreciate that you are constantly making changes and additions to the course and that you flow with the level of the students.  I appreciate the kindness and patience shown to the students.  As a TA I found it was a great reminder of information that I have received but had forgotten.  I love that you introduce anatomy to your classes to deepen the practice of Reiki and what it can do.  I appreciate your help and feedback while doing attunements for students.

– Gabriole Wilson, Reiki Master & Teacher